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A Southern Summer Dream: Connor and Paula’s Wedding at Harvest Hollow Wedding Venue


Picture a warm summer evening in the heart of the South, where love, laughter, and the setting sun paint the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Connor and Paula’s special day at Harvest Hollow Wedding Venue was nothing short of magical. Surrounded by family and friends, and with the help of incredible vendors like Ledgewood Fine Art Stationery, wedding planner Jeannie Pirtle, Endless Catering, Southern Sounds DJ, and Bella Petali Florals, their wedding was an unforgettable celebration of love and Southern charm.

Harvest Hollow Wedding Venue

Harvest Hollow Wedding Venue, nestled amidst the scenic beauty of the Southern countryside, provided the ideal setting for Connor and Paula’s big day. The rustic charm of the venue combined with its natural beauty made it the perfect canvas for their love story.

The venue’s open spaces, picturesque landscapes, and warm, inviting atmosphere set the stage for a Southern wedding that dreams are made of. From the ceremony beneath the sprawling oak trees to the reception in the elegant barn, every detail was carefully chosen to create an unforgettable experience.

The Southern Sunset

As the golden sun began to dip below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the venue, Connor and Paula danced among their family and friends. The magical moment when they became husband and wife was accentuated by the breathtaking Southern sunset, making it a memory that will last a lifetime.

The soft hues of orange, pink, and purple painted the sky, providing the most enchanting backdrop for their outdoor reception.

Family and Friends

Connor and Paula’s wedding was a true celebration of love and togetherness. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, the couple’s joy was palpable. From heartfelt speeches to joyful laughter, every moment was filled with genuine happiness and love.

Their decision to keep the guest list intimate allowed them to create an atmosphere of intimacy and connection that was truly special. It was a day not just for them but for everyone present to share in their love story.

Amazing Vendors

Connor and Paula’s wedding wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible team of vendors who turned their dreams into reality. Ledgewood Fine Art Stationery set the tone with elegant invitations and paper goods, while Jeannie Pirtle, the talented wedding planner, ensured that every detail was meticulously planned and executed.

Endless Catering delighted guests with a mouthwatering Southern feast, and Southern Sounds DJ kept the dance floor alive with music that had everyone on their feet. Bella Petali Florals added a touch of natural beauty with stunning floral arrangements that perfectly complemented the venue’s rustic charm.

A Perfect Day

In the warm embrace of the Southern summer evening, Connor and Paula’s wedding day unfolded flawlessly. From the first rays of sunlight to the twinkle of stars in the night sky, their love story was written in the most picturesque setting.

As the night came to a close, the couple left Harvest Hollow Wedding Venue hand in hand, embarking on a new journey as husband and wife, with hearts full of love and memories of a Southern summer dream that will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

Connor and Paula’s wedding at Harvest Hollow Wedding Venue was a Southern summer fairytale come to life. With the perfect sunset, the love of family and friends, and a team of amazing vendors, their special day was nothing short of perfection. It serves as a reminder that when love and Southern charm come together, magic happens, and dreams become reality.

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